Our systems allow you to spread your message even further


A "Webcast" is an online video production distributed through the services of the internet. It uses streaming technology to distribute and deliver the produced content simultaneously to viewers and listeners. We are able to produce and deliver this content live or on-demand. Each method has its own benefits and merits.

We and our clients use webcasting:

  • for business purposes and applications, such as live streaming of AGMs.
  • in e-learning situations where seminars and workshops are broadcasted to specific users.
  • for entertainment purposes, such as the broadcasting of sporting and musical events.

Live Streaming Webcasts

Our systems allow you to spread your message even further. By webcasting your event, you can allow stakeholders, who cannot attend in person, to have the ability to learn and participate in your event. They can now participate in your event as a digital citizen.

We will work with you to ensure that the content of your event is conveyed to your audience in a professional fashion, including streaming video, downloading of presentations and assets, and integrating of social media.

Streaming is available using a worldwide CDN (Content Delivery Network), which allows the audience size to scale from a few, to thousands.

We can embed your webcast stream and content directly into your existing organization or event website. Streaming can be accomplished by YouTube, FaceBook or both. If you need to keep your stream seperate from your social media, we can use a private CDN as well.

We can also provide YouTube streaming on our dedicated YouTube channel, your own existing channel, or a custom YouTube channel dedicated to your event.

Webcast Gallery

Visit our portfolio to see our webcasts which we have created.

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