When it comes to websites, we can take care of everything from "start to finish"

We provide web hosting services. We take care of your web design and web development. We provide service, support, and maintenance.

During the whole process, we encourage the participation and input of the client in order to create and develop the desired product. As in all good design, it starts with the user's experience. Our motivation and objective with every project and every client is to create a product or environment that is a pleasure to navigate, intuitive when it comes to the content it provides, and a positive experience for the user.

Website Design and Development

Web design and web development ... what is the difference?

Web design is understood as "what is on stage", or what the user sees, hears, and experiences.

Web development is understood as "what is back stage", or the programming and interactions that make the "on stage" happen.

One of Objectified's main goals and objectives is to focus on the User eXperience. UX Design (user experience design), is a "user center approach" to web design, where the experience is designed to create a positive and rewarding interaction. The site design needs to answer the user's questions before they are aware that they have a question. Good UX design will encourage users to return to your site and stay on your site longer and longer.

Website Hosting

Website hosting (webhosting) is a service that Objectified offers to organizations to store and save their webpages or websites on the internet to be viewed by the world. Objectified Software provides the services and technologies for our clients' content and products to be viewed on the internet. All of our clients' sites and content are stored on devices called "servers" that are the storage center for all of our clients' websites.

When individuals on the internet want to view your website, they type your address into their web browser and their computer will connect them to our servers and our clients' websites. As a webhosting provider, Objectified's goal is to create a seamless and conflict-free online environment for all internet users who visit our clients' websites.

Objectified will guide our clients through all of the process and rigor in establishing a website address and website environment.

Website Gallery

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