• It's that time.

    We - like a lot of us - fall back on the excuse that we are too busy helping our clients to update our own website.

    Has this changed? Thankfully - NO! We are still as happily busy as ever (thank you!).


    But... there are some exciting things happening that we just couldn't stay quiet about...



  • Webcasting

    At Objectified Software we believe that efficient communication is the key to keeping your organization competitive and ahead of the curve. If your organization has a mandate to share information in a timely manner, live webcasting is for you.


    Objectified Software specializes in building custom software that helps organizations be successful. Strategic use of technology can help manage business challenges and save your time and money. We build software that specifically suits the requirements of the organizations we work with. 


    At Objectified Software our team has sound experience and expertise in developing mobile applications that are extremely user-friendly and functional. We create highly interactive, value-added mobile apps, using the latest operating systems on various platforms as per your specific needs.

Industry statistics show that most information technology projects run over time and over budget.

Objectified offers an elite team of professionals to handle your live production needs.

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It's been... Good advice, good support and a good working relationship (with a little fun thrown in for good measure!) since Objectified took over the reins of web site development and consulting for Morris. 


  • We have been a Microsoft partner and reseller for almost 13 years... but most of our clients did not even know that. Click to find out why, what has changed and why it really IS time for the cloud now!